Twelve years I suffered with debilitating headaches that were unable to be diagnosed.  Doctors of many disciplines were consulted and many treatment programs were prescribed with little or no relief.  I had resigned myself to the fact that I may just have to live with the malady which often left me unable to  perform daily functions.  When the headaches became much worse, I consulted a neurologist who felt it may be a neck problem exacerbated by my sleeping with a CPAP device and referred me to Results Neck and Back Therapy.  After several therapy sessions improvements were noted and after attaining the goals set by Results Neck and Back Therapy I now am able to live my life with more ease.  Kevin prescribed a treatment for cervicogenic headaches that absolutely worked and has changed my quality of life.  The facilities and equipment are as top notch as the fun and friendly staff.  I was treated by Kevin, Lesley, and Helen who are all professionals and are experts in their specialty.  Sessions were fully explained and the goals were set to achieve at my pace, not theirs.  Hannah made setting appointments a breeze and was happy to accommodate changes.  A refreshing part of most visits was interacting with ‘Action Jackson’ a regular greeter at the office.
If you want ‘Results’ I highly recommend Results Neck and Back Therapy as the only solution for your prescribed neck physical therapy.  They will help you to a better life.

John Thomas