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I didn’t know what to expect when we started therapy – but I had hopes. In the end, the results exceeded even my hopes. Thanks a million Kevin & Lesley.
David Shoulders

All back experts agree that core strengthening is the key to controlling back pain. MedX medical exercise equipment is the best core strengthening equipment available.

I suffered from chronic, debilitating low back pain until I started an exercise program utilizing MedX equipment. In the 9 years since, I have had no significant back pain. This result led me to start a neck and low back program in Bend, Northstar Neck and Back Clinic. Our scientifically authenticated outcomes showed greater than 80% significant improvement in our low back patients and greater than 85% significant improvement in our neck patients.

Results Neck & Back Therapy is the newest version of NSNBC with the same equipment and physical therapists. I believe unequivocally that Results will offer significant relief of neck and back pain.

Richard Koller, MD

Before I give my critique of Results Physical Therapy Group I want to say that I have been a patient at physical therapy groups, in the Bend area and beyond, on and off for several years. I have never really benefited from any physical therapy until I found Lesley and Kevin at Results. I have had back issues for about 30 years. I had to give up the sports that I love. Since working with the Results Group I’m now back to playing golf, riding my bike and hiking the beautiful trails of Bend. Thank you Kevin, thank you Lesley for giving me back my life.
Demaris Logsdon Walton

I would recommend Results Neck & Back Therapy to anyone who has neck pain.

The Results exercise protocol includes an upper back workout that uses high end weight machines, and a unique neck workout where you rotate your head laterally left and right (“no” motion) with one machine, and another where you replicate the “yes” motion (forward/back).

Results therapy has reduced my neck pain by 80 to 90%.

Richard Biggs

Excellent program, thank you!

Not only did you help with my acute issue, you prepared me to keep my back healthy moving forward.

Catherine Clarke

Simply stated, Results is unique in it’s ability to reduce and heal severe back and neck pain, thanks to it’s MedX machines and the expertise of their therapists, Kevin and Lesley. If you suffer from chronic neck or back pain, and have considered surgery to bring relief, you owe it to yourself to look into Results first. It’s a life changer!

Ric Ergenbright

Very data driven, with clear goals. Results were immediately noticeable and my neck feels the best it has in years. I am leaving with clear exercises and stretches to maintain my results and am hoping for long term benefits from therapy.
Joshua Brown

My neck pain and stiffness would not improve despite many tries with different therapies and medical modalities. As a Physician Assistant, I found their approach and the equipment used by Results Neck and Back to make more physiological sense than anything I had tried previously. The therapists were knowledgeable and careful and I never felt overworked, but my muscle strength grew by the week. After 8 weeks I plateaued on my strength abilities and “graduated.” Prior to the program I could not hold ski poles, paddle in a kayak, and I was starting to have trouble carrying groceries. Now, I can do all those things plus more. I would highly recommend this program!
Shelly Wierzba


Twelve years I suffered with debilitating headaches that were unable to be diagnosed. Doctors of many disciplines were consulted and many treatment programs were prescribed with little or no relief. I had resigned myself to the fact that I may just have to live with the malady which often left me unable to perform daily functions. When the headaches became much worse, I consulted a neurologist who felt it may be a neck problem exacerbated by my sleeping with a CPAP device and referred me to Results Neck and Back Therapy. After several therapy sessions improvements were noted and after attaining the goals set by Results Neck and Back Therapy I now am able to live my life with more ease. Kevin prescribed a treatment for cervicogenic headaches that absolutely worked and has changed my quality of life. The facilities and equipment are as top notch as the fun and friendly staff. I was treated by Kevin, Lesley, and Helen who are all professionals and are experts in their specialty. Sessions were fully explained and the goals were set to achieve at my pace, not theirs. Hannah made setting appointments a breeze and was happy to accommodate changes. A refreshing part of most visits was interacting with ‘Action Jackson’ a regular greeter at the office.

If you want ‘Results’ I highly recommend Results Neck and Back Therapy as the only solution for your prescribed neck physical therapy. They will help you to a better life.

John Thomas

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