At Results Neck & Back Therapy, we believe our role is to help the patient achieve the fastest, most optimal results. We also feel it is very important to provide our patients with a means of maintaining their functional improvements so they will no longer need to rely upon additional costly treatments.

Our role as providers is to empower our patients and promote self-management of their condition…

We believe the worst thing we can do to a person is make him or her “a patient” who is reliant upon the medical system indefinitely.

With over 37 years of combined experience, we have come to the conclusion that the most effective means of helping a patient achieve his or her optimal functional outcome is through ACTIVE EXERCISE THERAPY along with a healthy dose of education. We believe the patient has plenty of opportunity to lie down at home and that there is no further need (aside from maybe doing a hamstring stretch, that is) to lie down during Physical Therapy!

Oh yea, we also believe that Physical Therapy should be fun! There’s no need not to look forward to coming to your treatments.

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