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North American Spine Society
1993 Annual Meeting San Diego, California

Federation of Spine Associations’ Council of Musculoskeletal Specialists
1994 Annual Meeting New Orleans, Louisiana
V. Mooney, L. Matheson, D. Holmes, S. Leggett, J. Grant, S. Negri, B. Holmes (University of California San Diego Orthomed)

Numerous approaches to the conservative treatment of patients with low back injury have developed in recent years. However, only one of these approaches utilizes focussed strength training in which specific muscle groups are isolated as the patient participates in a conditioning regimen. The general efficacy of such an approach was studied in a research project which involved patients in the Orthomed program at the University of California San Diego.

Study Outcomes & Clinical Relevance: Focused training after low back injury appears to be an efficacious approach to treatment with broad effect. Not only were significant effects found with improvement in back strength, but these effects generalized to improvement in lifting capacity, self-perception, pain rating, and activity level.