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November 1999 Volume 24, Number 9
Scott Leggett, MS, Vert Mooney, MD, Leonard N. Matheson, PhD, Brian Nelson, MD, Ted Dreisinger, PhD, Jill Van Zytveld, BA and L. Vie, BA
Physicians Neck and Back Clinic, Minneapolis, Minnesota
University of California, San Diego

Study Outcomes & Clinical Relevance: A combined study between Physicians Neck and Back Clinic (PNBC) and the University of California at San Diego, using similar exercise-only protocols were able to achieve comparable excellent results with comparable spine patients.

Health care reutilization was dramatically reduced at both clinics to almost identical levels, thus validating the results of each. In the year after completion of treatment, only 12% of PNBC patients needed to re-enter the health care system for spinal problems.